What's New for Coordinators

  • The AL$ RFP Campus Funding 2018/2019 has been distributed to campuses in May 2018.

  • Thank you for submitting your reports this past summer.  Your collective efforts with your campus partners show a potential student savings of $18M.  When we include the bookstore savings, the potential savings is $45M.  Thank you to all for their dedication and hard work towards affordable course materials!
  • AL$ team requests: Fill in your AL$ Fall 2018 activities in the Events Sheet

    Starting a new campus AL$ program? Looking to take your existing program to the next level?

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    Starting a new campus AL$ program?


    Looking to take your existing AL$ program to the next level?
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    Resource Archive

    The AL$ Annual Meeting and the OLC Affordable Textbook Conference Follow Up (January 2017)

    Event resources include:                                                             

    AL$ Coordinators' requested resources:

    OLC Meeting Resources from January 30, 2018

    • Visit the Resource Center where you will find the attendee list as well as links to recommended reading materials (if provided) from the presenters. Presentation materials and archivist notes from each breakout session have been posted here as well.